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Music plays an important part in the lives of people. Everyone can learn and benefit from the study of music. There is musical potential in every individual and like all potential, it should be developed to its fullest. Music can connect us to our history, tradition and heritage while providing a constructive use for leisure time.

The study of music aids in mental, physical and personal needs. Music is a uniquely powerful means of involving and integrating the activities of both the right and left halves of the brain, combining the rational and the aesthetic. There is a proven correlation between musical study and the following:

Muscular Development: It improves a child's small motor skills, hand-eye coordination and over-all physical coordination.

Increased Listening Ability: This helps to increase the attention span, concentration, and long and short term memory.

Increased Primary Mental Abilities: (verbal, perceptual, number, and spatial) This sharpens a child's communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills. He or she learns to understand, interpret and use symbols in new contexts.

Creative Potential: This promotes awareness of student's capabilities using imagination and responsibility. They learn to work for and cooperate with others.

Through participation in music, children learn the gratification of work shared and challenges met. It helps your child learn how to learn.

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With over 20 years of experience, we offer piano lessons for beginner- advanced students.  The lessons for adults are tailored to their goals! Weekly piano lessons for kids are fun, exciting and easy!  We offer instruction in Chico, Paradise & Elk Grove.  We also offer Skype piano lessons online to make it more convenient!