Music is a very important part of a child's life!  We want their experience to be the absolute BEST experience and first impression! 

Music, Keys & Me is a preschool program that not only allows the child to experience movement and music but also explore the piano keyboard.  

Are you ready for your child to love music? Children develop a love for music as they engage in our program with their new preschool music friends!  We are confident and happy to say that our 30 minute weekly program also prepares young children for future musical study! We are all about children loving music for a lifetime!


​​​We love to play games in our lessons!  Each game is used to review musical concepts that have been covered in previous lessons.  Children love to learn through games!

​​• Our rhythm and movement activities strengthen the student's
   small and large motor skills, coordination and balance. 

• Counting and recognition of various note names and beats they receive. Counting and feeling the rhythm can enrich their math skills. Establishing a steady beat now lays a solid foundation for them to build upon.

• We learn about the music staff and play on the piano keyboard, desk bells,  drums & variety of instruments! Exploring brings smiles!

• Musical terms such as presto and largo are taught in a playful way!

• Interaction with other preschool students is healthy and produces an atmosphere where children can learn from each other & strive to be the best they can be!

• Ear training skills are achieved as a child differentiates between high and low or loud and soft and various other musical comparisons

Singing is an important aspect of our ear training and rhythm development. We sing while we play instruments and as we do our Solfege signs.  

• Eye-hand coordination is improved as children read left to right when playing keyboard or bell instruments

• The music alphabet, colors, numbers and weekly musical concepts are reviewed throughout each lesson with exciting additional worksheet activities for optional reinforcement at home.

Did we forget to tell you that our puppet friends help us teach musical concepts as well?   Music Monkey loves to teach the children rhythm!  They love, learn & laugh as they clap his hands to the rhythm!

Don't delay this musical adventure!  It is unbeatable!​

    It is time for your child to experience the joy of learning a variety of music &
    keyboard concepts. Give them a head-start by giving them music at such an impressionable age.

    PreSchool Music Classes  

    2.5 - 5yrs

    Laughing, Singing & Exploring! They will LOVE this musical adventure!


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    Music Class for your Preschooler!
    We are more than just a Music & Movement program!

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