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​​​Accelerated Piano Adventure! - Ages 5-18

Group atmosphere allowing students to move at their own pace!

50 Minute Lesson = 4-5 Students come at the same time for their weekly lesson

Each student has their own keyboard, i-pad and headphones to use during class. 

What is Accelerated Piano Adventure?

This class allows each student to work at their own pace, on their own level, giving them more in-class time to practice and feel confident before going home to practice!  Students LOVE to practice with this program!!  A 30 minute piano lesson often times is not long enough for students so this 50 minute program provides the extra needed time for success.

The first 30-45 minutes students are working independently with headphones at their own keyboard with an iPad, while teacher walks around hearing students play. Teacher hears what they have to play from the practice week and instructs as each student is ready for new material. Students work at their own pace and level so each group may have varied ages and levels within it.

In a traditional 30 minute lesson the teacher spends a great deal of time hearing students warm up or practice new pieces over and over. This style affords students the privacy of warming up before the teacher hears them and provides amazing practice tools to encourage home practice. Even if pieces are passed from within PM, the teacher will require students to play pieces from each section for technical, theory and rhythmic assessment before they can move on. 

The students will be asked to play new pieces receiving a 70-80% before the lesson time is completed. This will position them for a more productive, happier practice time at home.

The last 15-30 minutes of the class usually calls for Piano Band Time, fun game or activity to reinforce theory, ear training or rhythm concepts.  Students will also have the opportunity to play for each other which builds confidence. 

2 times per quarter we take the entire hour to do ensemble / rhythm class.  This is what we call "Piano Band!"  We play a piece together and then work on a rhythmic piece or game together!  We will also hold challenges periodically where the student is challenged to more practice, a certain number of completed pieces etc.  

Why should piano be boring? Well, it doesn't have to be and it is definitely not in our Accelerated Piano Adventure class! This class is on the move!

Why Is Accelerated Piano Adventure an Excellent Option for Your Child?

1.  Lessons are 50 minutes each week! Almost double the amount of teacher time.

2.  Our Game-Style approach to learning piano has dramatically improved student's sight-reading skills, which is the #1 key to learning music quickly, making piano fun!

3.  Home practice is now about review and increasing speed rather than dreading the "NEW" pieces.  It is a confidence builder. Teacher can also monitor student's practice time! Fun practice tools!

4.  Fun, exciting games with our software & with our friends!

5.  Students move through their books faster because they are excited to get that higher score and know it is necessary to move forward.  They must receive that trophy to move forward!

6.  More Performance & Ensemble opportunities!

7.  Children watching their peers working diligently is inspiring and encourages most students to work even harder.  Each student is also rewarded and recognized in front of their peers for their individual goals achieved. 

$100. Monthly Per Student, Plus Materials /Software

Deluxe Rotation Lessons - Ages 6 - Adult

20/20/20 lessons - 50 Minute Lesson = 3 Students come for a weekly 60 minute lesson each working independently 
(Offered at teacher's discretion to students that can not be put into our Accelerated Piano Adventure classes)

Lessons are broken down as follows: 

3 students come in for the hour.  2 students will begin at a station and one at the piano with the teacher.  They will then rotate every 20 minutes.  A great solid hour of learning and reinforcement!

​Station 1:  Student comes to the piano with the instructor. Playing repertoire, technic  and individual projects.

Station 2: Student works independently on Theory, Ear training, and Music Appreciation using books, listening to Mp3's or CD's, Playing midi-keyboards, using apps, QR codes, or websites.

Station 3:Student works independently on Composing & Sight Reading using books, listening to Mp3's or CD's, Playing midi-keyboards, using apps, QR codes, or websites.

2 times per quarter we will take the hour lesson and have ensemble fun! Here we improvise, compose, play chords, learn functions of an electronic keyboard and work on rhythm together either at the keyboard or through games.   We often times incorporate table games to reinforce musical concepts such as ear training, theory, composition and sight reading. 

$100. Monthly Per Student, Plus Materials

Private Piano Instruction -

Adult & Intermediate/Advanced  Students 

Please call for more information: [530] 786-8688

Our Methods:
Note Reading:

We have a unique note-reading method with a strong emphasis on rhythm and technic. It teaches students to be sound in every area of piano performance. 

We found many methods to be weak in the bass clef and most students never learn to really count the notes well or to feel the music. 

With our method students learn to count, feel the rhythms, read notes quickly and accurately through an intervallic approach.

Creative Playing: 

Our method includes step by step instruction on playing songs without depending solely on reading notes but rather learning patterns, chord playing, playing by ear, composing and knowing how to play creatively on acoustic & electronic keyboards.  

This has definitely been a skill the owner, Tomilee, has used most and has been the biggest blessing in her musical journey. Students that have a desire to play along with a band, play gospel style church music, or play popular songs using chords or picking out the song on their own, will fall in love with this course! 

Not many studio teachers know the theory behind playing creatively so you will find most students in other studios are taught to read notes only.   Creativity is a wonderful skill and a priority at Bidwell School of Music! With technology, at the forefront in our world today, we also believe it should be part of their music study.  

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